Configure consents in GTM tags

Google's default tags like Google Analytics or Google Ads include the required consents for their operation. In the case of tags from third-party providers (coming from the template gallery) - such as Pixel Facebook or MSA Advertising it is required to manually set the required consents

To do this, select the Tag whose consents you want to configure and in its settings, go to Advanced Settings, then Consent Settings

The correct setting should be marked here. If we want the tag to trigger only after receiving the appropriate consent, we need to declare it.

After clicking on the window, we will see a list of available consents, based on which we can base the tag.

Initiate consent mode in GTM, in order for consent mode to appear in the GTM panel, you must enable it by going to Administration -> Container Settings

Check the box under Additional Settings -> Enable consent overview

When we enable the overview of the settings for obtaining consents, an additional shield icon will appear for us in the GTM panel.

If we enter it, we will get a view of the required consents for individual tags

Directly next to Google tags, we can notice the already built-in consents in specific tags. For external tags, we can manually edit the settings of the required consents for the tag to run.

This is a convenient view, as we can preview the tags and their options related to the required consents collectively

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