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Notifications do not appear on my site

Check if the domain has been configured correctly and if its status is active, which is important - if there is WWW in the url, add it - if the site uses https://myshop.com - enter the URL without WWW. Remember - notifications will display only on the page whose URL you declared when creating the campaign

How to integrate Notipack with my website?

In the section on the left, select integration with the system on which your site or store is built. We have plugins prepared for the most popular systems, if your system is missing here - let me know!

I updated the popup in the panel, but it remained unchanged on the site?

Clear your browser's cache or try running the site in an incognito window

Can I use my own branding instead of Notipack?

Of course, just click the 3 dots next to your campaign, then select "Custom branding". Custom branding is possible from PRO package - upwards.

Will Notipack slow down my site?

We designed Notipack with performance in mind. The entire application runs on the side of our servers, on the client site we only display the result of these actions

Does Notipack work on mobile devices?

Of course, to display notifications on mobile devices, in the notification settings you just need to express your desire to do so. A good solution would be to set notifications strictly for mobile users.

How to change the display time of notifications, delays and other settings?

In the specific notification of your choice, go to the "Settings" tab, there set on which subpages to display the specific notification by setting rules, set the time and manner of display. Full tutorial: Display rules

NotiHint: Have additional questions? Write to us at: support@notipack.com

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