Webhooks - How to use them?

We have divided them into two categories

Data pullers and data producers. Consuming ones display popups based on data from conversions in your online store. Data-producing - these are popups that collect emails or phone numbers.

Latest Conversion

This is a popup that displays information about recent purchases in your store. To the given in the section "DATA" in the menu on the left side of the page Webhook - the system that operates your online store sends data from conversions, e.g. Customer's name, product name, thumbnail url, etc. to construct a popup based on this data. E.g. {client_name} bought {product_name} x hours ago

Collect emails

This is a popup that produces data, or more precisely, collects emails from your visitors and saves them in our database. You can directly send the collected emails via webhooks to your CRM or mailing system. You can also send them to your email.

Conversion counter

Using webhooks, it communicates with your store by counting the conversions that occur in your store - and presents the result in the form of a counter, e.g. x customers made a purchase in the last 24 hours.

How to use webhooks?

If your store's platform has direct integration with Notipack - you don't need to use webhooks, see - menu on the left. If we don't have direct integration available, you can upload the collected data to your CRM system or download the data coming from conversions and display them in the Notipack popup

For popups like last conversion and conversion counter - on the given link upload the data

For email collection popups - paste the link to which you will send the collected data

NotiHint: Check the available integrations in the menu on the left. If your system does not provide a webhook mechanism - use Zapier or Make.com for this purpose

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