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It's an easy-to-use system with sizable capabilities - which will allow you to generate more than 30% more sales calls from your website, and customers will love you for the speed at which you can contact them.

  1. A visitor to your website - clicks an intuitive icon and enters their phone number, and NotiCall immediately sends you a text message with the customer's phone number so you can call them back as soon as possible

  2. The collected phone numbers are captured and stored in the panel when you log into your account

  3. In NotiCall, you can define what hours you work and what hours you want to receive text messages with the phone number left by the customer. If a customer leaves a phone number after your business hours, you will receive their number the next business day morning

  4. Collected phone numbers, you can directly upload to your CRM system or send to a designated email address. Uploading to your CRM will allow you to assign a phone number to a particular customer and continue further sales and customer service

  5. For each paid package in Notipack, you are entitled to a corresponding number of free text messages. If you use them up - you can buy them back in the panel with a few clicks

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