First Popup

How to do it?

In the Dashboard, go to your domain, then click "CREATE NOTIFICATION."

For example, I created a popup "MODAL COLLECTOR" with which we can collect emails from visitors and redirect them directly to your system that handles mailing.


Name of the notification - this is the working name that displays only in your panel

Title and Description - this is the content that will be placed in the popup

Image URL - this is the graphic that you can put in the popup

Include terms and conditions - will allow you to include consent to process personal data

Link to the thank you page - this is the link that the visitor will be redirected to after correctly leaving an email


Determine where you want the popups to displayed:

After unchecking "Trigger on all pages", you can choose at which address you want the popup to display. E.g. exclude product pages "Not if the address contains: /product/

Display time:

  • Delay - indicates after how many seconds the popup should appear on the page

  • Exit Intent - this is a typical On Exit Popup, it will appear when the visitor expresses a desire to exit

  • Scroll Percentage - the popup will appear if the visitor reaches, for example, 80% of the page

Display frequency:

  • All the time - the popup will appear every time a visitor hits a particular subpage

  • Once per visit - as the name says, it will be displayed only once. If the visitor returns in a few days, the popup will appear again

  • Once per browser - this option will display the popup only once!

  • Display on small / large screens - allows you to split the campaign on Mobile / PC.


  • Display duration - how many seconds should the popup hang on a given subpage? We recommend, 8-10 seconds

  • Display position - determine where you want the popup to be displayed

  • Custom branding - option available only in START and higher packages


In this tab you can customize the appearance of the popup to match your site and guide colors. Set the color of the background, buttons, if you want - set the frame and shadow. Remember the animation for input / output!

Data Section

Emails collected on the site - you can upload directly to your mailing system or CRM. You can also send the collected data to your email if you do not currently have an email system. You will preview the collected data in the "TRANSFERRED DATA" tab. What are Webhooks - you can read here: Webhooks - How to use them?

NotiHint: Don't forget to slider to include the domain and popup that was just created.

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