Notipack installation

How to install Notipack?

There are two options: A / You install Notipack, using one of the available plug-ins for store platforms:

How to install NotiPack with Shopify?

How to install NotiPack with WooCommerce?

How to install NotiPack PrestaShop?

How to install NotiPack with Magento?

B / If a plugin from Notipack is not available for your platform - the pixel code should be placed in the HEAD section of your site.

Where to download the pixel from?

In the Dashboard of Notipack, to the right of the added domain click </>, then copy the given pixel code and paste it in the header of the page. If you don't know how to do it, ask the person who is responsible for your site to add it.

NotiHint: If you have already used a dedicated plugin for your platform - do not paste the pixel code in the HEAD section. Plugin, automatically put already pixel code in the header of the page.

That's all, if the installation went correctly - you can display popups in your online store. Go to the next step and create your first popup!

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