A/B testing

What application they have for your campaign

A/B tests are designed to measure the effectiveness of displayed notifications, whether they make your conversion rate higher.

With our tool, you can set what percentage of your site visitors will see the displayed notifications, for example, if you set 50% on the slider then you will display notifications from your campaign, only to 50% of your visitors.

With the help of A/B testing, you will find out if your campaign on Notipack needs to be optimized.

  1. First, click "Enable A/B Test."

  2. Next, determine what percentage of your site visitors will see notifications from your campaign.

  3. Click "START."

That's it! At this point, A/B Testing is now active.

NotiHint: Wait to collect the data coming from the conversions. To make the results meaningful, wait a few days until more information comes into the system.

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