Segmentation and targeting

Where to display the popup?

If the option "Display on all subpages" is checked - the popup will be displayed throughout the store. If you uncheck this option, you can use the rules for displaying popups.

  • Exact match - e.g. - popup will be displayed only on the sub-page we defined

  • Does not exact match - analogous, opposite situation as the above

  • Contains - e.g. shoes/pink/ - popups will display in all places where the address in the browser contains a link as above and more

  • Starts with - e.g. - will display everything that is included in this address and more

Mobile / PC Campaigns

You can distinguish between a campaign for mobile and larger devices. How to do it?

This is important, it is good practice to be able to display popups only on mobile devices and separately on larger devices. Why? Visitors on mobile can be presented with fewer popups, which will ultimately be less intrusive.

NotiHint: Distinguish Mobile / PC popups - this will give you more ways to measure the effectiveness of popups displayed.

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